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Canadian Brain Health: Driving Research to Action
Four Solutions to Make a Difference

Working together to improve the lives of people living with chronic brain diseases, disorders & injuries in Canada

NHCC calls on the Government of Canada to make a difference to the lives of millions of Canadians affected by brain conditions by acting immediately on four policy solutions.

  1. Immediately increase support to caregivers;
  2. Find ways to keep Canadians with episodic conditions working;
  3. Harness proven knowledge to deliver better care;
  4. Invest in a Brain Summit to accelerate brain research, treatment and cures.

To read more about NHCC's solutions in our policy paper Canadian Brain Health: Driving research to action click here.

NHCC collaborated with the Public Health Agency of Canada to lead the first-ever National Population Study of Neurological Conditions. To read the study report, Mapping Connections: An understanding of neurological conditions in Canada, please click here.

For more background on the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions, please click here.

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