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People Affected by Brain Conditions Need
A Pan-Canadian Brain Health Strategy

During this election campaign, NHCC is asking political parties if they will work with us to develop a Pan-Canadian Brain Health Strategy that would include:

  • Increased support for caregivers
  • Reduced barriers to employment
  • Increased knowledge about the best health and social practices and programs
  • Accelerated investment in brain research

We have sent a questionnaire to the major parties asking how they would support a brain health strategy. We will post their answers here as soon as we receive them or follow us on Twitter #MyBrainMatters

Green Party response - download here

NDP Response (in two parts) - download part 1 - download part 2

You can help. When candidates call you or come to your door, ask them if they would work with NHCC to develop a Pan-Canadian Brain Health Strategy. For more information about our proposal, go to:Canadian Brain Health: Driving Research to Action

Why a brain strategy is vital

The ground-breaking National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions clearly identified the importance of both health and non-health services in helping people affected by brain conditions lead the healthiest and most productive lives possible:  Mapping Connections: An Understanding Neurological Conditions in Canada

Quick facts from the Study

  • By 2031, the number of Canadians with brain conditions will increase, and the number of people with dementia and Parkinson’s disease is expected to double.
  • Without appropriate interventions, health care costs will increase as will the overall impact on the Canadian economy.
  • Caregivers are essential to the well being of people living with brain conditions but caregivers often develop their own health problems including high levels of stress.

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